Dr. Nicole Eull

Hello there!  I’m super glad that you came by to check things out.

First things first…

It’s important for you to know that if you are looking for someone to deliver serious information in a formal way with slides full of words, then you are most definitely in the wrong place.  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you luck in your search.

Oh!  You’re still here.  Spectacular!  So you are a risk-taker, an inspirational leader, a concerned colleague, or maybe just the schmuck who volunteered to coordinate this year’s wellness event.  I’m happy to help but let’s get some things straight.  I may make your audience laugh (a lot) and then they might cry too.  They may leave with big ideas and practical suggestions to implement those ideas.  They may watch videos and see colorful pictures (some of my super adorable children).  They will likely be asked to stand up, move around and talk to strangers.

I love to talk about integrative medicine, integrative mental health, stress management, cultural competence, anger management, and effective communication.  I’ve had the pleasure of doing this here in the U.S. and internationally with healthcare organizations, professional groups, and corporations.  I have not had the opportunity to do this from a villa in Tuscany but I figure that’s coming soon.

So why should you care what I have to say?  Do I have any credibility? Such a good question! I am an integrative health psychologist and the founder of HodiCenter.com, MySkillRx.com, and the soon to be launched DocNicole.com. I am the author of Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals and Improve Your Health available on Amazon.com. My mission is to provide affordable and evidenced-based tools to help healthcare providers “Give a Skill, Not a Pill.”

I serve as the Director of Behavioral Medicine for the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Residency program at Aurora Healthcare.  That is the longest title in the history of titles. I helped develop the Integrative Medicine and Community Medicine rotations there and now I am developing a program to improve physician engagement and satisfaction.

I partner with Watertown Regional Medical Center ONE Wellness Program to provide a mindfulness series for their corporate wellness contracts and consult with the hospital on their Medical Provider Professional Development and Wellness Initiative.  In the last few years I have been asked to do a lot of individual and group physician coaching and program development in multiple settings.

Guess what!  I can also do hypnosis.  Isn’t that cool!  I haven’t figured out how to use that skill to get my husband to put the dishes away but it has been a tremendous tool to help people make really big changes.

It might help to know a little about the kind of person I am.  I love yoga and I’m a certified yoga instructor so you never know when we’ll throw some good stretches in. I love speaking Spanish which I consider a hobby related to my greatest passion which is travel.  I have a ridiculously patient husband and two of the greatest kids on the planet.  I really enjoy cooking, gardening, doing yoga, scuba diving, reading, community service and lots of family time with my husband, daughter, and son.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better.  I think making a personal connection is important to build trust and engagement but some people may want some objective measures of my credibility so here are a few…


  • B.A. – Psychology, minor in Spanish, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
  • M.A. – Clinical Psychology, American University, Washington, DC
  • Psy. D. – Clinical Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Internship: Jackson Memorial Hospital: Adult Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Fellowship: UM Miller School of Medicine: Department of Family Medicine

Select Presentations:


Annual Staff Training

March 21, 2018

Waukesha County Technical College, Waukesha, WI

“Cultural Curiosity”


Annual Conference

October 22, 2017

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, San Diego, CA

“Lions and Tigers and Bears!: Integrative Management of Anxiety and Depression”


Staff Training

March 13, 2017

Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI

“Managing Stress From the Inside Out”


Eight-Session Health Workshop

Winter 2017 to Winter 2018

Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, WI

“Mindful Health”


Learning Circle Workshops

Oct 14 (Waukesha, WI), Oct19 (Green Bay, WI) and Oct 20 (Madison, WI), 2016

Wellness Counsel of Wisconsin Learning Circles

“The Consumer Mind: How to Sell Wellness”


Annual Training Closing Address

October 13, 2016

Milwaukee Public Library Employee Training

“The Secrets of Happy People”


Eight-Session Health Workshop

Fall 2016 to Fall 2017

American Family Insurance

“Mindful Health”


Eight-Session Health Workshop

Summer 2016 to Summer 2017

Watertown Regional Medical Center, Watertown, WI

“Mindful Health”


Keynote Address

April 6, 2016

American Lung Association in Wisconsin Lung Force Expo

“Secrets of Happy People”


Annual Conference

October 20, 2015

CENTILE Conference, Washington, DC

“Me Talk Pretty One Day: Improving Communication and Empathy in Healthcare Settings”


Annual Conference

September 30, 2015

WELCOA, Wisconsin Chapter, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“Catch Phrases, Stories, and Silliness: How to Create Wellness Experiences that Last”


Meeting Keynote

September 10, 2015

Organic Valley, La Farge, WI

“Secrets of Happy People”


Ten-Session Health Workshop

Summer 2015 to Summer 2016

Watertown Regional Medical Center, Watertown, WI

“Mindful Health”


Private Consulting

June 23-24, 2015

State of Montana Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative, Helena, MT

“How to Sell Wellness Programming”


Wellness Series

June 4, 2015

Franklin County Department of Health

“Secrets of Happy People”


Annual Meeting Keynote

May 22, 2015

New Berlin School District, New Berlin, WI

“Managing Stress From the Inside Out”


Annual Conference

April 20, 2015

Wisconsin Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Milwaukee, WI

“Managing Stress on the Front Lines of Healthcare”


24th Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference

April 1 & 3, 2015

American Journal of Health Promotion

“What Sales People Know and Doctor’s Don’t: How to Sell Wellness”


Women’s Wellness Event

February 25, 2015

Trek Bicycle Company, Waterloo, WI

“Secrets of Happy People”


STFM Practice Management Conference

December 4, 2014

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

“Catch Phrases, Stories, Humor and Silliness: Creating Memorable Wellness Experiences that Last”


Integrative Healthcare for All: Extending Our Reach

September 4 & 6, 2014

Integrative Medicine for the Underserved

“Yoga as Therapy” Half Day Workshop

“Stress Management for Healthcare Workers”


Ten-Session Health Workshop

Summer 2014 to Summer 2015

American Family Insurance, Madison, WI

“Mindful Health”


Ten-Session Health Workshop

Summer 2014 to Summer 2015

Watertown Regional Medical Center, Watertown, WI

“Mindful Health”


Ten-Session Health Workshop

Spring 2014 to Spring 2015

Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, WI

“Mindful Health”


24th Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference

March 26, 2014

American Journal of Health Promotion

“Catch Phrases, Stories, Humor and Silliness: Creating Memorable Wellness Experiences that Last”


Eight-Session Health Workshop

Spring-Fall 2014

J & L Group, Watertown, WI

“Mindful Health”


Annual Behavioral Competencies

November 2013

Aurora Bay Care, Green Bay, WI

“Half-Day Conference on Effective Behavioral Management of Patients”


Eight-Week Health Workshop

Spring 2013

Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, WI

“Mindful Health”


Cultural Exchange on Integrative Mental Health

February 2013

Havana, Cuba

“Integrative Methods for Treatment of Addiction”


Eight-Week Health Workshop

Winter/Spring 2013

Watertown Regional Medical Center, Watertown, WI

“Mindful Health”


MRA 2010 HR Conference: HR Amplified

May 12, 2010

MRA Human Resources Membership Association

“The Corporate Culture of Wellness: Management’s Role in a Healthy Workplace”


Annual Conference

April 19, 2010

Wisconsin Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“The Whole Truth: Working with Patients with Life-Altering Diagnoses”


Hodi Center Workshop: Four Sessions

October/November 2009

Kanyakumari Wellness Center, Milwaukee, WI

“Mind Bending Yoga Series: Anxiety and Depression”


Hodi Center Workshop: Three Sessions

July 2009

Kanyakumari Wellness Center, Milwaukee, WI

“Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back”


Annual Leadership Conference

March 2009

Hispanic Professional of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

“Becoming a Culturally Competent Manager”


APHA Annual Meeting

October 2008

American Public Health Association, San Diego, CA

“Implementing the Chronic Care Model of Mental Health in Primary Care” (developed)


Department of Rehabilitation Regional Employee Training

October 2008 (Ongoing)

Aurora Metro Region, Department of Rehabilitation, Milwaukee, WI

“Sexuality in Rehabilitation”


Nursing In-Service

September 2008 (Ongoing)

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI

“Dealing with Challenging People”


Diabetes Clinic Staff In-Service

May 2005

Stroger Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL

“Stress Management for Health Care Workers”


Northwestern University Coalition of Minority Student Organizations       

February 2005

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Intercultural Center, Chicago, IL

“Peer and Conflict Mediation:  Becoming Competent Cultural Bridges” (Co-Facilitator)


The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)

Fall 2004

The Center for Sustainable Solutions, Chicago, IL

  • Co-developed a ten-session training program for HACE career counselors on cultural considerations when working with Hispanic professionals.


Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Chicago

Fall 2004

The Center for Sustainable Solutions, Chicago, IL

  • Developed two-hour cultural competency training for mentors.