How many times have you sat through a training or workshop that was dull and boring, full of statistics and data with little to no real-world practical skills?  I’ve sat through more than I care to remember.

Learning doesn’t have to be that way.  Learning should be fun and inspiring and most of all, it should be immediately useful.  It should be innovative and challenging with specific action steps and relevant examples.

I provide humorous, engaging and memorable trainings. Topics include integrative medicine, Integrative mental health, stress management, cultural competence, anger management, and effective communication. I present domestically and internationally to healthcare organizations, professional groups, and corporations.

I also provide physician coaching and program development in multiple settings.  In addition, I consults with organizations and programs to apply proven and effective marketing and business development skills to promote wellness initiatives.  Basically, I can teach you how to create highly engaging recruitment campaigns, keep people actively involved and reduce burnout and dropout.

All my programs are designed and delivered by me.  I am a licensed integrative health psychologist with over a decade of experience presenting customized and unique content in multiple settings from corporate conventions to professional conferences.  I can tackle the after lunch slump or the Friday at 4pm presentation slot.  Bring it on! Participants will leave my presentations feeling inspired and armed with realistic and useful action steps.

Take some time to read more about my services and begin creating the customized experience that is right for you and your organization/group. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests.