Workplace Wellness

Strategy Consultations

Is your business, team or workgroup stuck in outdated patterns and behaviors? I can help you brainstorm new ideas and approaches. Your group or organization can establish a healthy workplace where employees are open to new ideas. Together we will set a new direction with a clear intention of how to meet your goals.

Cross-Cultural Communication/Sensitivity

Rather than attempt to teach every detail of a particular culture, I teach general principles of cultural competence that can be applied to any cross-cultural situation. Learn to assess situations with a cultural lens and to demonstrate respectful curiosity for other cultures. These sessions can be offered to family or individuals preparing to live abroad.

Group and Individual Stress Management Classes

Our society often rewards people who accept stress and frustration as a natural part of life. Unfortunately, stress has costly long-term effects including decreased happiness, increased risk for disease, and dangerous levels of physical tension and anxiety.

I will teach your employees practical and easy methods to help manage stress proactively, leaving them feeling stronger, happier, and more resilient against future stressors. They will learn the warning signs of the downward stress spiral and how to intervene early. Participants will benefit from learning calming breathing techniques, deep relaxation, time management, anger management, assertiveness, and small behavior changes with big results.

Conflict Resolution

A successful resolution to conflict involves both parties feeling that they have gained something out of the exchange and were listened to and respected. Basic listening and communication skills can be easily taught and integrated into your workplace culture.

Dealing with Angry People

Good customer service means providing a respectful and calm response to even the most difficult customers. It is essential to learn to manage one’s own anger, defensiveness and frustration in order to manage the anger of others. Learn simple and reliable skills for calming people down and turning a negative interaction into a positive experience that your customers will secure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Contact us today and we will customize a training for your needs.